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First time Owner Operators (Good Credit Only), Owner Operators replacing their trucks (Fair to Good Credit), Small Fleets 5-20 trucks (Extremely Low Rates) and Large Fleets (Easy Process).

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It's a fairly quick & easy process, if you meet the criteria of "Who We Finance" fill out the Form Above and get a Credit application and Business plan instantly via email. Or feel free to shoot us an email or gives us a call.


Over 35 years we have financed all types of business equipment from yellow iron to trucks. We have a very strong following of existing customer but do not sell equipment. We will set you up with a line of credit, the lowest possible interest rate and you go shopping!

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Financing all types of Equipment, Trucks and Trailers since 1977. MTB offers a simple, common sense approach to Truck, Trailer and Equipment financing. We do business with the business owner's needs in mind. You can find the Equipment that suits your needs or we can help you locate it. Our goal is help our customers Finance the truck they want and fits their needs. Why Depend on your Dealer or your Bank when competitive rates are available at MTB Financial. Contact us now to get started.
Complete the Form above to get our Credit Application via Email.
Complete the Form above to get our “Good Plan” Brochure. FINANCE OPTIONS for Long time owner operators and substantial companies with good credit.
LOANS: Conventional, Simple Interest, fixed rate simple interest Truck and Trailer loans-paid down to zero. TRAC LEASE (Lease Purchase): TRAC Leases are much like loans except that they amortize to a balloon (or buyout) instead of paying down to zero. They are different than a typical lease through a trucking company, as the truck is yours to do with what you like, and your payments are fully tax deductible.
Loan rates and TRAC Lease rates are at all time lows right now, but our credit requirements are at all time highs. If you have stable cash flow, and long term good credit, our rates can not be beat. TRAC Leases offer 100% fully tax deductible payments It may be possible to refinance your existing contracts: We can re-write your existing contracts to help save you money. (We do not offer refinances if your Truck(s) or Trailers) are worth less than the payoff on your current finance contract. We’ll walk you through determining the best program to fit your needs!
The Trucking industry has changed from a credit perspective. Recent years have taken a toll on some owners and trucking companies. Good credit and experience allows existing truckers and first time owner-operators to attain competitive financing with MTB Financial. Limitations First time buyers must have down payments of at least 10%. The Truck should be no older than 2005 and have less than 550,000 miles , some exceptions with good reason. No credit problems will be allowed at the current time. We can finance in most states but there are a few exceptions. Click here and complete our Contact Form to get a Credit Application via email. We encourage you to Contact us with any question.
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